All Pool Service, Inc. (All Pool) is an inground swimming pool service company that services all types of inground swimming pools and specializes in gunite swimming pool service. The name All Pool Service was picked because in 1993, when we started, most local builders of gunite pools would only service the pools they built. Since few builders can keep all customers happy we saw a niche to fill in gunite pool service for all, no matter who built your swimming pool. In 1995 All Pool Service was incorporated in Upton, Mass and we are now headquartered out of Upton.

All Pool saying we specialize in gunite pool service means that we are well familiar with gunite pools and are comfortable working on them. The plaster or pebble tech finishes, the pvc piping, the cleaning systems, the automation and the size, grade and type of the filtration systems can be different from what is installed with vinyl pools. Some things All Pool does such as tile repair, repairing the deck-o-seal joint, dealing with floor cleaning systems, or plaster care are only done with gunite pools.

We are familiar with the type of equipment that today’s builders are putting on their more complex inground pools, of all types of finishes, including vinyl . Things such as salt chlorine generators, safety covers, automatic floor cleaning systems, automatic controls and valves, water falls and spas. We do still service or replace the early versions of these items that were put in 20 years ago.